Research Education



MINC Corporation would like to recognize David Copperrider and Diana Whitney’s Appreciative Inquiry Approach. Inpsiring MINC and Nu Univ to collaborate on creating a global research based education system.

Copperrider and Whitney presented this approach as a radical affirmative to change. Thought to be a shift in philosophy in regards to how we assist in positive change across the Country and perhaps the world and relies on the transformation of strategic planning, survey methods, and merging integration methods for culture change. Adjusted, problem-based management systems are unfavorable and futile in our organizations approach at this time.

Furthermore, Copperrider & Whitney presented a practice-oriented definition of AI requiring the cooperative and co-evolutionary search for the best in people. With ongoing systematic discoveries of what gives life to an organization or community when most effective and capable in economic, ecological, and human terms, AI gives way to inquiry, imagination, and innovation. The motivates the administration at Nu University to create a transparent global education system using blockchain technologies, and AI.

Following the AI philosophy of Copperrider & Whitney, MINC attracts the approach and encourages our innovating research teams, staff, and partnering members to practice engagement through asking unconditionally positive questions that is intended to strengthen a systems capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential.

See this Forbes Article for Appreciative Inquiry example questions